About Us

TDN Bangla is a online news portal. TDN stands for The Daily Notification. It begins it journey through Facebook. Initially this name was ‘Ekhon Bangla’, and few later it’s named as ‘TDN Plus’. With this name around a year it broadcast news successfully. At October 2016, It became as ‘TDN Bangla’ with a website along with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.
TDN Bangla has a vision to provide most authentic news as always. It believe in a philosophy- “Sotyer Pokshe Khoborer Awaz”. In today’s era, about all news broadcasting corporation doesn’t provide actual words, news. It makes victims as villain and vice versa. They don’t talk about deprived people. Here, TDN Bangla has come here to talk about those people whose voice are restricted, those are deprived, those are crying for justice. TDN Bangla is a light, a Hope.